RoadMap: Planned Features

CadQuery is not even close to finished!!!

Many features are planned for later versions. This page tracks them. If you find that you need features not listed here, let us know!


rotated workplanes

support creation of workplanes at an angle to another plane or face

workplane local rotations

rotate the coordinate system of a workplane by an angle.

make a workplane from a wire

useful to select outer wire and then operate from there, to allow offsets


implement more constraints

in plane, on axis, parallel to vector

2D operations

arc construction using relative measures

instead of forcing use of absolute workplane coordinates

tangent arcs

after a line

centerpoint arcs

including portions of arcs as well as with end points specified


ability to use construction geometry to trim other entities

construction lines

especially centerlines

2D fillets

for a rectangle, or for consecutive selected lines

2D chamfers

based on rectangles, polygons, polylines, or adjacent selected lines

mirror around centerline

using centerline construction geometry

midpoint selection

select midpoints of lines, arcs

face center

explicit selection of face center

manipulate spline control points

so that the shape of a spline can be more accurately controlled

feature snap

project geometry in the rest of the part into the work plane, so that they can be selected and used as references for other features.

polyline edges

allow polyline to be combined with other edges/curves

3D operations

rotation/transform that return a copy

The current rotateAboutCenter and translate method modify the object, rather than returning a copy

primitive creation
Need primitive creation for:
  • cone

  • torus

  • wedge